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Dating back to the 13th century, this monastery complex is restored only partially – and thus retains its specific historical charm.

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Goshavank in Armenia
St. Gregory the Illuminator… ©  Raffi Kojian

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Goshavank Pictures

Attractions near to Goshavank

  • Republic Square

    This square is centrally located and bears great symbolic significance. Do not miss the beautiful fountain show!

  • Cascades

    The monumental stairway is partially a relict of the former regime. All in one: unique monument, public space and viewpoint.

  • Armenian Genocide Memorial (Tsitsernakaberd)

    The solemn complex commemorates the victims of Armenian Genocide. An imposing structure overlooking Yerevan from a hill. A must see.

  • Blue Mosque

    The largest and most beautiful mosque in Armenia. Originating in mid-18th century, it is a showcase of the finest tile work.

  • Sevanavank

    This monastery belongs to Armenia's most visited ones. The reasons are clear: good accessibility from Yerevan and wonderful location.

  • Yerevan Brandy Company

    The guided tour into factory where the country's most popular brandy Ararat is produced – a must see! The building is notable itself.

  • Vernissage Flea Market

    Now almost legendary flea market where you can buy whatever you think of – and more. Amazing art on sale, too!

  • Haghartsin Monastery

    The main feature is a sixteen-faced dome embellished with beautiful bas-reliefs. A smashing historical beauty in the middle of nowhere.

  • Horomayri

    Ruins of medieval chapel, cliff carvings and caves – that's what you should not miss out when near Odzun.

  • Odzun Church

    The natural dominant of the historical town is renowned for its unique features and elaborate stone carvings.

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