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National Museum of Military History

Национален Военноисторически Музей

Everyone interested in military equipment will be amazed by this museum, where you can see missiles, fighter planes and various guns.

Cherkovna str. 92, 1505 Sofia, Bulgaria

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Tours and Activities in Sofia

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National Museum of Military History Pictures

Attractions near to National Museum of Military History

  • Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

    One of the most famous churches in Sofia is this Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral. Its capacity is unbelievable – 10,000 people!

  • Central Sofia Market Hall

    Founded in 1911, this market under a roof is a favourite place for shopping among both locals and tourists.

  • Church of St. Paraskeva

    The Bulgarian Orthodox church is very large and was designed by Bulgarian architect Anton Tornyov. It has a cupola on the top.

  • St Nedelya Church

    One of the major sights in Sofia is this Eastern Orthodox church which was founded in the 10th century and rebuilt many times.

  • Russian Church

    Dedicated to St. Nicholas, this church belongs to the Russian Orthodox temples. It is quite small and designed in the Revival style.

  • Amphitheatre of Serdica

    An ancient theatre discovered just recently. It is a bit smaller than the Colosseum and had the same purpose – gladiator fights.

  • Vitosha Boulevard

    You can slowly stroll down this wide street and visit one of many shops, restaurants and bars lining the road.

  • St. Sedmochislenitsi Church

    Rebuilt from the former mosque, this church built in the beginning of the 20th century has unique architecture.

  • Ladies’ Market

    You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, food, clothes, pottery, souvenirs and a lot more from vendors at this marketplace.

  • Slaveykov Square

    A popular gathering and meeting point of people in Sofia. It is named after two writers and there are their statues – sitting on a bench.

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