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Famen Temple


An unique blend of modern Chinese architecture and traditional buildings. An important temple protected even during Cultural Revolution.

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Tours and Activities in China

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Famen Temple Pictures

Attractions near to Famen Temple

  • Terracotta Army

    A UNESCO-enlisted heritage and the eighth wonder of the world. The collection of terracotta statues left in the original pits is not to be missed!

  • Big Wild Goose Pagoda

    The pagoda belongs to the most popular attraction in the heart of Xian. It also provides a wonderful view of the city.

  • Huaqing Palace and Hot Springs

    The historical resort used by the Emperor Xuanzong is a popular destination of the Chinese tourists. It has a wonderful scenery.

  • Tang Paradise

    Something between historical reconstruction and a theme park. Amazing examples of Chinese architecture & spectacular laser show.

  • Qianling Mausoleum

    The mausoleum is a truly breath-taking complex. Its monumental proportions are accompanied by impressive memorials and structures.

  • Daqin Pagoda

    This peculiar monument is entangled with mystery – it may well be a Christian relict. Who knows? Anyway, the structure is beautiful.

  • Louguantai Wild Animal Protection Center

    Come here to see the wonderful animals in person! The best time to visit is before the noon when the pandas are active.

  • Xianyang (XIY)

  • Mao Ling Mausoleum

    The impressive complex was built by the Western Han dynasty. It is the second largest „pyramid“ in China – a must see for history lovers.

  • Taiping National Park

    This nature reserve is a perfect getaway. Two thousand hectares of ancient trees, waterfalls and mountains – simply amazing.

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