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Map of Egypt Attractions

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Tours and Activities in Egypt

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What to Do in Egypt

  • Great Sphinx of Giza

    This stupendous 45 m long sandstone statue seems to watch over the pyramids of Giza. The origin of the monument is entangled with mystery.

  • Khan el-Khalili Market

    This busy market is the real heart of the city and a major attraction for both tourists and Egyptians. Buy everything from clothes to coffee.

  • Great Pyramid of Khufu

    The oldest pyramid in Giza and certainly the most impressive one. The last of Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that has remained.

  • Egyptian Museum

    Museum displaying tremendous collections of ancient Egyptian antiquities including mummies. Definitely a must see.

  • Pyramid of Khafre

    Seemingly higher than Khufu pyramid, easily recognisable by its limestone cap. The burial chambers are open to public.

  • Citadel of Cairo

    Even if only for its astonishing views, this majestic fortress is well worth visiting. Also houses several museums and mosques.

  • Pyramid of Menkaure

    The smallest pyramid in Giza. There are traces of dismantling attempts on the north side that the pyramid easily endured.

  • Memphis and its Necropolis

    Remains of what once was a capital of the Old Kingdom and a chief cult city of Ptah. A must see. Great Temple of Ptah is the main highlight.

  • Sound & Light Show, Cairo

    This breath-taking interplay of lasers, lights and music embosoms the pyramids with mysterious atmosphere.

  • Al-Azhar Mosque

    The oldest mosque and the oldest operating university in Cairo with more than thousand years of history behind it.

  • Cairo Tower

    This landmark of Cairo is with its 187 m the tallest building in Egypt. Revolving restaurant and viewing terrace on the top.

  • Luxor Temple

    This temple complex will impress you by its overwhelming size and almost perfectly preserved state. A must see!

  • Valley of the Kings

    This archaeological site encompasses large number of tombs including the famous Tomb of Tutankhamun with its head revealed.

  • Al-Azhar Park

    This modern park situated in the heart of Cairo is a relaxing place and also a perfect viewing spot as it is located on a small hill.

  • Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan

    An eye-candy for the lovers of Islamic architecture as it features many unusual elements – large wooden dome or twin minarets.

  • Karnak

    This large complex is organised around the Great Temple of Amun and includes various pylons, temple ruins and walls with inscriptions.

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Cities in Egypt

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