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Prespes National Park

Ethnikó Párko Prespón

One of the most beautiful parts of Greece. On the Macedonian and Albanian borders lies the pristine and enchanting Lake Prespa. Simply beautiful.

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Tours and Activities in Greece

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Prespes National Park Pictures

Attractions near to Prespes National Park

  • Corfu Old Town

    UNESCO World Heritage. Picturesque old town with history reaching back to 8th century BC. Well preserved fortification and residential houses.

  • White Tower of Thessaloniki

    One of the symbols of Thessaloniki. A former prison and site of mass executions, the fortified tower now houses a museum.

  • New Fortress

    The fortress was built in 16th century to protect the capital from the west. Very impressive monument that dominates the city.

  • Vlacherna Monastery

    One of the most photographed places in Corfu. Picturesque convent is dedicated to Virgin Maria and is still active until today.

  • St. Spyridon Church

    Church with the tallest tower in the town. Consecrated to Corfu's patron who is buried here. Most important building in Corfu.

  • Spianada Square Esplanade

    Impressive square divided into 2 parts that happens to be one of the largest squares in Europe. Cricket matches sometimes take place here.

  • Arch of Galerius and Rotunda

    A magnificent example of Byzantine architecture. The church also features many beautiful decorative mosaics.

  • Old Fortress

    Impressive fortress built upon an artificial islet east of the town. Now it is used as a setting for various cultural events. Must see.

  • Lake Kastoria

    A charming lake with many interesting sites in its vicinity. A nice place to relax near the water.

  • Filippos (KZI)

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