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Ballaro Market

Mercato di Ballarò

The traditional market of Palermo offers fresh fish and produce from Sicily. Packed with tourists but locals still shop there.

Vicolo del Carmelo, 90134 Palermo, Italy

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Tours and Activities in Palermo

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Opening Hours

Mon - Sat (except Wed):
usually 9 am - 7 pm

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Ballaro Market Pictures

Attractions near to Ballaro Market

  • Palermo Cathedral

    The gigantic structure dwarves everything in its sight. A masterpiece of Norman architecture and a must-see for everyone.

  • Catacombs of the Capuchins

    These ghastly yet fascinating underground passages house over 8000 former citizens of Palermo in mummified form. A truly unique experience.

  • Church of Jesus Palermo

    This beatiful Jesuit church is a fine example of Sicilian Baroque. Only recently renovated, it is definitely worth seeing.

  • Pretoria Square

    A wonderful sight, the square dominated by the impressive fountain and decorated by several marble statues is a great place for relaxation or people-watching.

  • Zisa Castle

    A majestic 12th century castle built in the Norman period. Offers great insight into this era of Sicilian history.

  • Royal Palace of Palermo

    A wonderful mix of Norman, Arab and Byzantine styles, this majestic seat of the Kings of Sicily is among the top few attractive destinations on the island.

  • La Gancia Convent

    A precious architectural gem, this 15th century convent boasts an old valuable wooden ceiling and an impressive organ, both dating to the 16th century.

  • Chiaramonte Palace

    Originally a mansion and later the seat of the Inquisition, the 14th century palace is a powerful memento to Sicily's history.

  • Monreale Cathedral

    The Sicilians just knew how the build their churches. The domed cathedral in Monreale is another fine example of breathtaking Norman craftsmanship.

  • Teatro Massimo

    A monumental building housing the best scene of Sicily. Surely a must-visit for fans of theatre and culture in general.

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