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Map of St. Petersburg Attractions

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Tours and Activities in St. Petersburg

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What to Do in St. Petersburg

  • State Hermitage Museum

    This world famous art museum is one of the oldest of its kind. Housing the highest number of paintings in the world, it's a must see place!

  • Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood

    The marvellous church with golden domes has very nice mosaic interior. The church was completely restored after WWII.

  • St. Isaac's Cathedral

    One of the most impressive buildings in St. Petersburg. The golden cupole dominates the skyline. The interior is incredible.

  • Nevsky Avenue

    The main avenue and one of the most famous streets in Russia. It is lined with beautiful buildings. The very center of this vibrant city.

  • Peter and Paul Cathedral

    The cathedral famous for tombs of Russian Emperors is an iconic structure dating back to the early 18th century. Check out its bell tower!

  • Palace Square

    Visit the site where the October Revolution took place. The square with the Alexander Column is directly connected to many historical events.

  • Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan

    An impressive structure dating back to the early 19th century, housing many valuable artworks. It belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.

  • Winter Palace

    It was the main residence of the Russian Tsars from the 1760s. An iconic symbol of St. Petersburg. It now houses the Hermitage Museum.

  • Peterhof

    Learn about the era of Peter the Great in the municipality with beautiful gardens as well as palaces. The city center is listed by UNESCO.

  • Catherine Palace

    The 18th-century summer residence of Russian tsars boasts a stucco façade featuring gold. It will impress you with its length of 325 m.

  • Bronze Horseman Monument

    When in the city, it's a must to see this statue which inspired A. Pushkin to compose one of his poems. It portrays Peter the Great.

  • General Staff Building

    This spectacular Neoclassical building is best known for its triumphal arch. Fabulous interiors now house exhibitions.

  • Summer Garden

    One of the loveliest and most romantic spots in St. Petersburg. Home to several stunning marble statues.

  • Peter and Paul Fortress

    A unique monument of history, architecture and art of fortification. Explore its cathedral, historical houses, bastions, a museum and a tomb!

  • Anichkov Bridge

    The most famous bridge across the Fontanka River. Admire the amazing horse sculptures in the corners. Nice view from the bridge.

  • St. Nicholas' Naval Cathedral

    This Baroque church is one of the city's most beautiful. It is topped with splendid white and blue spires with golden domes.

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