Sygic Places

Sygic Places brings you comprehensive data about over 24 million points of interest worldwide, from major sights to off-the-beaten-path cafés. Give travelers the information they need the most: exact locations, descriptions, photos, 360° videos, opening hours, admission fees and contact information. The database is available in 15 languages. All places are rated according to popularity and sorted into apt categories with the help of more than 3,100 tags, making the database easy to search and suitable for various use cases.

Provide your customers with rich destination content, create landing pages and various travel guides, display photo or video galleries or just expand your own database. You can also improve your mailing by adding information about interesting places located near your hotel or other facility.

Sygic Places can be accessed via Sygic Travel API or as a data dump. You can get data for individual countries, continents or the whole world – either in one go or with regular updates.

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Sygic Travel Planner

Sygic Travel Planner is an online travel planner which you can add to your website under your own brand. You can offer a custom set of features ranging from a simple interactive tourist map of a particular destination to a full-fledged tourist portal for the entire world with trip-planning functions, guided tours, flights sales and car rentals.

Setting up your own travel portal is fast and easy. You do not need any technical knowledge as everything will be taken care of by Sygic Travel. Let your customers create their itineraries on your website. Or plan trips for your customers instead and share the itineraries in links or PDF files.

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Sygic Travel API

Whether you want to design your own travel website from scratch or use our comprehensive database in your current project, the Sygic Travel API is the right choice for you. It provides access to all the 20 million points of interest in our database plus online access to over 2 million hotels and 70,000 tours from around the whole world.

Sygic Travel API has various applications. With the data, proven reliable by millions of satisfied travelers, you can create custom-made travel guides, display popular places located near a specific spot or add trip-planning abilities to your current website and mobile apps.

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Sygic Travel SDK

Sygic Travel SDK is a set of software tools allowing easy integration of Sygic Travel API and adding trip planning to any app or website. It will help you offer services such as enabling your customers to save their favourite places or create travel itineraries of their own.

The SDK gives you a great flexibility to provide just the right set of travel-planning features, tailored to meet your needs. It’s available for websites, as well as for iOS and Android mobile apps.

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