Tailored for travel purposes

Sygic Travel solutions are perfectly suited for travel and tourism businesses such as online travel agencies, hotels, airlines, travel software providers as well as companies offering location analytics.The solutions offer endless options for creating or expanding various map- or travel-related products.


The world’s leading flight search engine Kiwi.com aimed to go beyond one-time purchases of air tickets and wanted to get more engaged with travelers. Their mobile apps were enhanced by a trip planning section which is displayed to the customers upon purchasing tickets. Depending on the destination they are heading to, customers get a list of major tourist sights, relevant tours, activities and accommodation options.

Thanks to the Sygic Travel API and SDK, Kiwi.com is now offering its customers a whole new level of travel experience.

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Wondero is a trip planner which helps travelers build personalized itineraries. The iOS app uses the Sygic Travel API to offer points of interest anywhere in the world. For each place, Wondero customers can see a description together with contact information and a link to its Wikipedia page.

Mailing with destination info

Sygic Places gives you the opportunity to enrich your confirmation emails with information about the interesting places near your hotel. Thanks to that your customers will immediately know what the vicinity of your hotel has to offer.

Sygic Travel Maps The world's first map app tailored for travelers
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