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    Europe is brimming with attractive spots to visit. The big cities will probably come to your mind first - destinations like London, Paris, Rome or Barcelona are true classics and visiting at least some of these is a must. Central Europe also has its gems - with royal cities like Prague, Vienna, Budapest or Berlin also being popular tourist magnets. In addition, you can head to Greece (and the Mediterranean in general) to discover the origins of Western cultural heritage. But if you head out to the countryside, be assured that it is not any less splendid than the cities. The scattered villages and picturesque sceneries are something to behold, no matter if visiting Provence, the Swiss Alps, Germany’s Black Forest or castle-hopping in the UK. Also worth a mention the myriad islands in the Mediterranean!

    Big Ben

    Europe off the beaten path

    If you're longing for something a little different than the typical European experience, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Take Scandinavia for example. The landscape is simply out of this world no matter what the season, the people are friendly and you will avoid the tourist crowds. And while you’re up north, don’t forget about the Baltic states - Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Finland. These might seem similar to Scandinavian countries at first, but soon you’ll discover that it’s a completely different culture with distinctive historical experience.

    Alternatively, you can head east to countries of the former eastern bloc that haven’t been discovered by the tourists just yet. Countries like Poland, Slovakia, Romania or Bulgaria allow you to discover their heritage on your own (and the landscape is quite a sight, too).
    There is one more destination the people don't often consider to be part of Europe and that is Russia and its capital Moscow. It’s not a place most American tourists usually visit, but the city’s many faces are truly fascinating.
    Another option is simply traveling out of the capitals and big cities to the smaller ones. Chances are that you will find an awesome spot with absolutely no tourists around and with a lot to discover.

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