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All the Indoor Ski Slopes in Europe

It's the same problem every year. Will there be enough snow on the slopes during my winter vacation? If you have enough money, you can try heliboarding and access remote mountain regions by a helicopter. More realistic ideas include travelling to the Alps or the Northern European resorts. Or you don't have to leave your flat country at all and you can ski all-year-round. How come? Indoor ski slopes! They are scattered across the whole Europe providing perfect alpine conditions. Huge indoor slopes promise fun for the whole family and the facilities provided are comparable to the outdoor resorts. You can ride to your heart's content, improve your skills with ski/snowboarding lessons, try tubing or sledding.

  • Madrid SnowZone

    Indoor ski and snowboard park is the main attraction of one of the largest shopping malls and entertainment centers in Europe.

  • Chill Factore Manchester

    UK' #2 in real snow slopes regarding length. Accessible even for people with disabilities.

  • Snow Arena Druskininkai

    The only all-year-round snow center in the Baltic region. It offers 3 skiing slopes and a snowboarding park.

  • SNO!zone, Milton Keynes

    Indoor ski slope with real snow. Offers lessons, coaching and family-friendly activities.

  • Snowtropolis

    The indoor ski slope is designed so that skiers of all levels can have fun here. Well-equipped with facilities.

  • SNO!zone Braehead, Glasgow

    Enjoy Scotland's all-year-round real snow indoor ski slope and don't care about the weather.

  • Snowdome

    A superb indoor ski slope, great for both skiing and snowboarding. The layout is exciting and sure to keep you entertained.

  • Snowdome de Uithof

    Indoor skiing and snowboarding on real snow. The slope is over 200 meters long.

  • Ice Mountain

    Well-equipped indoor skiing course, the largest one in Belgium. Skiing and snowboarding lessons are available.

  • Snowhall Amnéville

    Indoor skiing both for beginners and advanced skiers.

  • Snow Planet Spaarnwoude

    Two indoor slopes (230 meters and 100 meters) with real snow open 365 days a year.

  • The Snow Centre

    An excellent facility, great for both skiing and snowboarding. The snow feels almost like the outdoors.

  • SnowWorld Zoetermeer

    Wide indoor ski slope with real, fresh snow no matter what the weather is.

  • SnowWorld Landgraaf

    The largest indoor ski area in Europe where international skiers practise during the summer. Enjoy an unforgettable ‚winter‘ experience here.

  • AlpinCenter Wittenburg

    A pleasant skiing centre suitable for all levels or skiers. Well-equipped with facilities, offers lessons.

  • SnowDome Bispingen

    A neat indoor ski slope, well-equipped with facilities to ensure you fully enjoy your day. Rarely gets crowded.

  • Montana Snowcenter

    You can ski even in the flatlands of the Netherlands! Ski/snowboarding lessons are available. The temperature is the steady –5°C.

  • Jever Skihalle

    The ski hall is well-equipped with facilities and a great spot for any level skier. Adults and children alike can also take one of the many learning courses.

  • Ski Dome

    The Netherlands is surprisingly one of a few European countries where you can ski all year round! Indoor slopes and toboggans.

  • Skidôme

    Skiing action and adventure with real snow.

  • AlpinCenter Bottrop

    An excellent sports centre, well-equipped with facilities and very budget-friendly. Do not miss this one if you like skiing.

  • SNO!zone Castleford

    Ski and snowboard where new real snow comes every night! The snow centre is located inside Xscape Castleford.

  • Ski & Snowboardcentrum Snowvalley

    This indoor ski course is especially good for beginners, as it allows them to learn the basics. Friendly and accomodating staff.

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