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Copenhagen Citadel


The impressive fortress is one of the best preserved fortifications in Europe. Now that the time of wars is over, it serves as a pleasant park.

Gl. Hovedvagt, Kastellet 1, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen Citadel in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Tours and Activities in Copenhagen

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Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.


Free admission.


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Copenhagen Citadel Pictures

Attractions near to Copenhagen Citadel

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    The iconic sight of the city. A narrow port full of beautiful ships from the old times, lined by rows of colourful buildings.

  • The Little Mermaid

    A true staple of Copenhagen and a tribute to the great Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.

  • Strøget

    The ultimate shopping experience in Denmark. A pedestrian zone full of brand boutiques as well as large shopping centers.

  • King's New Square

    The biggest and most beautiful square in Copenhagen. Also a busy site with many historic buildings around, such as the Royal Danish Theatre.

  • Frederik's Church - Marble Church

    Inspired by the colossal St. Pete's Cathedral in Rome, its younger and smaller sibling is still very impressive and a definite must-see.

  • Amalienborg Palace

    The winter home of the Danish royal family – take a look around the place where kings have lived for the last two centuries.

  • Gefion Fountain

    This grand fountain depicts the creation of the land on which Copenhagen was founded. A marvellous sight also used as a wishing well.

  • Christiansborg Palace

    The site of the Danish parliament and Supreme Court. Take a guided tour inside the traditional „power base“ of Denmark.

  • Tivoli

    One of the oldest and most visited theme parks in the world. Bring the whole family to the place giving people so much joy since 1843.

  • City Hall Square

    Enjoy the heart of Copenhagen. Perfect for shopping of any kind or just a pleasant stroll around the city.

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