London in One Day Itinerary

Discover all the highlights of London in just one day with this itinerary. You won't miss any of the world-famous tourist attractions. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and lot more are all waiting to get acquainted with you.

Day 1: London in One Day Itinerary

Tower of London

Also known as Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress, the complex was formerly used as a prison.

Shakespeare's Globe

Come see the modern replica of the theatre where some of Shakespeare's plays were staged for the first time.

Tate Modern

A phenomenally successful modern and contemporary art gallery housed in a former power station is one of the largest art galleries in the…

Millennium Bridge

London Millennium Footbridge, a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the river Thames in London is best known for its…

St Paul's Cathedral

An enormous white cathedral and London's highest point serves as the seat of the Bishop of London.

Covent Garden

This former fruit and vegetables market has turned into a popular shopping district where tourists swarm in crowds.

National Gallery

The gallery (established in 1824) holds an enormous art collection of over 2.600 pieces - no wonder it is one of the most visited galleries…

Trafalgar Square

Designed by John Nash in 1830, Trafalgar Square is the largest square in London.

Admiralty Arch

The grand arch is a monument to Queen Victoria. Its construction was finished in 1912 and for most of its existence it was owned by the…

Big Ben

The most famous bell in Europe, perhaps even in the world, Big Ben, is one of the iconic landmarks of London.

Palace of Westminster

The elaborate Palace of Westminster is home to both houses of the Parliament of the UK - the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Westminster Abbey

First monks lived here back in the 10th century. Henry III had the abbey rebuilt in 1245 when he chose it as his burial site and managed to…

Buckingham Palace

This majestic palace is the official residence of British monarchs and is usually recognized as a symbol of UK's monarchy.

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