Things to Do in New York City

Are you going to spend 4 days in New york City? We've prepared a recommended itinerary to make the most of your trip. You won't miss any of Manhattan's highlights. Once in New York, buy the “I love NY” t-shirt at the nearest gift shop and explore one of the most exciting cities in the world. The city offers a myriad of great attractions and there is no better way of getting around the “Big Apple” than by foot. The Statue of Liberty is an absolute must-see as well as the dominating Empire State Building. Relax in the Central Park or fill your day with culture in one of many top-notch museums. What is your favourite NYC sight? Share your tips!
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Day 1: Things to Do in New York City

Statue of Liberty

This is New York in one sight. The iconic, majestic statue is an absolute must-see while visiting the city. There is only one way to access this colossal statue placed on Liberty Island - by ferry. You can depart from two points - New York and New Jersey. Whichever you pick, once you board the ferry, you are in for an unforgettable experience.

Ellis Island

Used to be one of the busiest immigration islands and the so-called "gateway to America". Nowadays, it holds a museum.

Battery Park

One of New York's public parks. A great chance to relax, enjoy the atmosphere and meet the resident turkey.

Castle Clinton

A pleasant historical sight. One of the forts that used to defend New York and a famous immigration site.

Trinity Church

A majestic 17th-century church and a beautiful piece of history in New York streets. Many famous people were buried here.

New York Stock Exchange

One of the symbols of New York, and the world economy. High-tech home of one of the world's leading financial markets.

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Day 2: Things to Do in New York City

New York Public Library

USA's largest public library. You can take the tour or enjoy the changing temporary exhibits - most of them on very intriguing topics.

Grand Central Terminal

A stunning architectural sight of the Beaux-Arts era. Many things to see - guided tours are available.

Chrysler Building

The Art Deco skyscraper is an architectural jewel and one of New York's landmarks. Unfortunately closed to visitors, but still worth a stop.

United Nations Headquarters

An intriguing experience - the complex can be toured with a guide. Features special activities for children.

Rockefeller Center

One of New York's iconic skyscrapers. Take the tour and definitely check out the observation deck. A must-visit.

Times Square

One of the best known squares in the world. Constantly bustling with life and a great spot for photos. A must-see.

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Day 3: Things to Do in New York City

New York City Hall

The seat of New York's government and a fine piece of architecture. Definitely worth a visit and the subway station is right underneath.

9/11 Memorial

A moving memorial of the tragic 9/11 incident, with two sites outlining the former location of the twins. Must see.


One of New York's famous neighborhoods full of amazing restaurants, bars, stores and markets. The atmosphere here is really something - same as the deals you can get in the marketplaces.

Little Italy

One of New York's famous neighbourhoods, unfortunately almost gone from the map. Enjoy the atmosphere while it lasts!

Flatiron Building

This famous landmark gave name to the whole neighborhood. You can best admire it from Madison Square park nearby.

Empire State Building

One of New York's trademark sights. Climb to the top and see the stunning skyline - be it day or night. Book in advance.

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Day 4: Things to Do in New York City

American Museum of Natural History

This huge museum has everything from dinosaurs to its own planetarium. Holds interactive exhibits and an IMAX cinema.

Central Park

One of New York's famous sights and a tranquil haven in the heart of Manhattan. Plenty of things to do and see here.

Strawberry Fields

A touching memorial to John Lennon and his work and a gathering place for the fans. Peaceful and perfect for thinking.

5th Avenue

Perhaps the most iconic avenue in the world. Browse the super-expensive shops and breathe in the atmosphere of the Big Apple. This major thoroughfare is lined with prestigious shops and flagship stores, and those located between 49th Street and 60th Street are consistently ranked among the most expensive in the world! Listed as one of the greatest streets to visit in the USA by the American Planning Association in 2012, this historic street is not just about shopping. It is also home to some marvelous museums, parks, exclusive apartments, and historical landmarks. The street is waiting to surprise you with many national historic landmarks too, like the Empire State Building, the Flatiron Building, the New York City Public Library, the Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cat­hedral!

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