Archaeological Site of Atapuerca

本地名称Yacimientos de la Sierra de Atapuerca
位置Ibeas de Juarros, 西班牙

The archaeological site of Atapuerca is located on Atapuerca Mountains in the north of Spain. The archaeological significance of the area became increasingly apparent during the construction of a railway line as deep trenches were cut through the rocks and sediments of the Gran Dolina site, the Galería Elefante and at Sima de los Huesos. The subsequent excavation of 1964 under the direction of Francisco Jordá Cerdá succeeded with the discovery of anthropogenic artifacts and human fossils from a broad time range of early humans, hunter-gatherer groups to Bronze Age occupants and modern human settlers. Further campaigns expanded and interdisciplinary work has been undertaken by several teams, led by Emiliano Aguirre from 1978 to 1990 and later jointly by Eudald Carbonell, José María Bermúdez de Castro and Juan Luis Arsuaga.

标签 联合国教科文组织遗产
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电话 +34 947 257 067

地址 Calle del Camino de Santiago, 09198 Ibeas de Juarros, Spain

坐标 42°20'55.917" N -3°31'10.382" E

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